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In the NeuroBytes ecosystem, there are modules that sense the environment, integrate that sensation and make memories, and turn that integration into motion.


The Interneuron is the main processing element in a NeuroBytes network. Interneurons receive inputs via dendrites, display status using an LED, and send outputs to downstream NeuroBytes through the axon terminal.

rod photoreceptor

The Rod Photoreceptor detects changes in ambient light using a photocell. This board can be calibrated using the on-board Zero and Span buttons to reflect ambient conditions, and sends information to downstream NeuroBytes via two output connectors.

tonic neuron

The Tonic Neuron acts as a 'pacemaker', providing an adjustable regular sequence of action potentials that can be used to excite or inhibit downstream NeuroBytes. The Tonic Neuron also receives bias signals on its single dendrite input.

motor neuron

The Motor Neuron connects NeuroBytes networks to servo motors, allowing the network to produce motion. Motor Neurons receive inputs via three equally weighted dendrites and display status using an LED.

touch sensory neuron

The Touch Sensory Neuron detects inputs using the attached switch. Touching the switch causes Touch Sensory Neurons to fire, sending information to downstream NeuroBytes via the two axon terminal connectors.

force sensory neuron

The Force Sensory Neuron detects inputs using an onboard force sensitive resistor. The Force Sensory Neuron varies its firing rate based on the pressure applied to the resistor, flashing its LED to indicate activity and sending action potentials to downstream NeuroBytes through the two axon terminal connections.

NeuroBytes Kits

NeuroBytes are sold in physiology and engineering focused kits, which allow you to experiment with the circuits above and so much more.


NeuroBytes Video Experiments

View a series of short video-based experiments to accompany the NeuroBytes electronic neuron simulators. Click on the image to open a YouTube window containing the video. 

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NeuroBytes Curricula

Developed in conjunction with our educator partners, this includes hands-on NeuroBytes experimentation as well as background learning activities that can be implemented piecemeal or in a complete 2-3 week module.